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We are a casual raid guild, but the one thing we do ask is attendance. Although we are casual we would like to push forwards into raids and beyond but we need people looking to help us and themselves. This meaning we are looking for players that want to gear themselves without having to be walked through everything.  That said, we are more then a friendly set of people willing to help when we have time and willing to guide and recommend.

    If you would have any questions further about the guild message any of our most active players: Felsen, Eriel, or Vertis; and they will happily help.

Guild News    

Further Progression in Denova

FelsenStein, Jun 13, 12 2:55 AM.
The guild was able to take down Colonel Vorgath tonight, one-shotting him!  We also one-shotted Toth & Zorn.  Firebrand and Stormcaller were more difficult, but are down.  Warlord Kephess is our current bane.  We were able to get to the final phase, but will need some more practice on that whole fight.  We will get him down, though.  It is only a matter of time.

Denova Progression

FelsenStein, Jun 1, 12 11:45 AM.
Last night, the guild progressed into Denova, taking down the first two boss fights.  We tried the Minelayer Boss a few times, but ran out of time before we had it figured out.  We will keep on learning Denova so we can complete it Story Mode and start working on it Hard Mode for more gear upgrades.

Progress in Hard Mode Karagga's Palace

FelsenStein, May 11, 12 11:13 AM.
Last night, the guild progressed further into Hard Mode Karagga's Palace, despite our general lack of ranged DPS.  Serendipity got first guild kills on Jarg & Sorn and Foreman Crusher on Hard Mode.  But we were stopped by the Fabricator Droid boss.  We got him down to 25% and 33% before deciding to call it for the night.

Karagga's Palace Cleared

FelsenStein, Apr 15, 12 11:11 AM.
Two nights ago on Friday evening, <Serendipity> cleared Karagga's Palace for the first time.  Congratulations!  We had three folks who were really quick on the puzzle, and had the next burns ready before the previous burns wore off, so we actually had to take some breathers to clear out the stun droids and do tank switches.

Downs Soa on Hard Mode!

FelsenStein, Apr 13, 12 3:22 PM.
Last night, <Serendipity> downed Soa in Eternity Vault Hard Mode.  Everyone got a piece of loot, with Eriel getting two pieces of Trooper gear.  The game finally took pity on our Smuggler-less band, and only dropped one piece of Rakata Smuggler gear on the last boss.

Congratulations, all, on a job well done.  Let's make this a weekly event!
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